Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunday Fun

Sunday July 13th brought my mother to Utah! She flew in a couple days before Mel was scheduled to be induced to help get all prepped for Mel and Brad's new baby. Mom, Mel and Brad all came over that afternoon to hang and have dinner. It was a blast. I had to get a last pic with Mel's baby belly. We might have been getting a little silly by this time.
The day started off pretty good too. The boys played some Wii together. That's always a good time. Then I pulled out a cute maxi skirt that I bought for Talia about a year ago. It finally fits enough that she can wear it. She felt so grown up going to church in her maxi skirt. :) I wore a maxi too, but I forgot to get a pic of us together. Darn!
Mel went into the hospital to be induced on Tuesday night, but the process ended up taking a long time and baby Wilson Bradley Curnow didn't officially make his debut until July 17th. He was a tiny little man at 6lbs. 12oz. and only 19 inches. He's starting off small, but I bet he will grow into his giant baby feet! Holy cow they are long! I am so glad I got to go see him the day he was born. He is such a sweet baby. Love all these new nephews! Mom came home with me that afternoon to shower and sleep. She ended up staying until Mel and Brad went home from the hospital on Saturday.

Bowling for Cute

You know how much I love bowling, but we don't go as often as I would like because it's challenging and exhausting with four kids. That being said, Talia had been begging to go bowling, so one Friday we decided to meet up with Ian after work at the bowling alley included in our Pass of All Passes. It is pretty ghetto and annoyingly didn't have any ramps available for non-handicapped patrons to use, so we were on our own with the little ones. We still had a great time. 
Davin did this Hulk face after every throw. Bahaha he cracks us up!
Beckett was super into it. He could barely contain himself. He could even lift the 6 pound kid bowling ball all by himself. He stood next to the balls the whole time until it was his turn. We had to help Talia and Beckett push their ball or else they didn't quite make it to the end of the lane. There were a couple of stuck balls. We also lost track of Beckett for two seconds and he ended up running straight at the lane, hitting the oil and slipping right onto his back. It was pretty sad, but he learned a valuable lesson. (:/ Oops! I totally felt like the worst mom)
Ian creamed us all, but I managed to break 100, so not bad. The kids did pretty well without the ramp. Beckett even got a spare, which I happened to catch on video. After bowling we ate a late dinner at In N Out where the kids were very well behaved and adorable. The older couple sitting next to the kids were so nice to them and complimented us on their cuteness and behavior. Those are always good mommy moments.

Earlier in the day Beckett got a much needed hair cut so he was extra adorable. He looks like one of the big boys now with his little faux hawk! We went to Cookie Cutters and Tal was disappointed she didn't get to have her hair cut too, so I paid the extra $.50 for her to get a balloon too. Fun day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good Mommy Days

Some days are rough mommy days. I'm grouchy, the kids are grouchy, no one does anything willingly, the kids fight, I get nothing done, the house is a mess, the TV is on all day. You get the idea. Then every once in awhile I have good mommy days. I love these days. We do fun things, the kids get along, we all work together and have a good attitude, the housework gets done, the TV is not on all day, I spend more time engaged with the kids. There are plenty of in between days too, but I had to to document a Good Mommy Day. 

It was a Tuesday. Nothing special. I got up and dropped the boys off at summer camp then headed back home. I worked out on the elliptical in the basement while Talia and Beckett played. I got a shower while the kids watched a show. After my shower we really didn't have any plans for the rest of the morning, so I let Talia choose an outing. She predictably chose to go to McDonalds and play on the play place. I said yes. Everyone was happy.
We had fun at McDonald's. Talia and Beckett both actually ate food. No one cried or fussed. Talia got a toy and was so super excited it was a dolphin. She gave herself a french fry mustache. We left just in time to go pick up boys from summer camp. They had had a fun day and didn't complain at all that I had taken the little ones to McDonalds without them.

We went home and Talia and Beckett both napped. Ahh bliss. I don't remember what all I did during nap time, but it was quiet and the boys happily played some Wii then headed to the basement to play Lego's. I probably read a book and maybe cleaned up the kitchen.

After nap time we got out the finger paints. Everyone had fun with them. Then kids washed their hands and worked together to empty the dishwasher. Weston was patient with his "helpers" and they were happy to feel needed and important. I was just happy the job was getting done. :)
Ian came home for dinner and afterwards we all walked over to the little park. When we got there the sprinklers were on. The kids couldn't help themselves and ran around and got soaked. They loved it. There were three or four other families we knew there so we got some adult social time in while the kids played.
That night the kids had baths and showers and read books and went to bed. It was a Good Mommy Day. :) I know I will miss days like this all too soon.

Water Party

The Monday after 4th of July the big boys started a fun summer school camp called Bright Starts. The theme this summer was Oceans of Ideas. Everything the did was about oceans. They had a really fun time, even if Weston grumbled a little about having to go to school in the summer. It was for two whole weeks in the mornings from 8:30-12. They even got to go on a field trip to the Living Planet Aquarium. That kept us pretty busy during July, but we still managed to sneak in some other fun stuff. 

One afternoon the boys each invited 3 friends over for a water party. I got enough water squirters at the dollar store for everyone and they had a big water fight and ran in the sprinklers. There was an Otter Pop break and after that they ended up playing a game of Big Boy Brains, which is pretty much like baseball but with a PVC pipe sword as a bat and using a big spiky purple bouncy ball instead of a baseball. They all had a blast.
Davin's friends, Cole and Ella, were a little late so they stayed for awhile after the party officially broke up. These three crack me up. They are all pretty quiet kids, but when they get together they mesh so well. They sat out here on the swing set for about an hour just talking, having a screaming contest, and laughing. I'm glad Davin has his buddies in the neighborhood.
The entire water party took place while Beckett napped. When he got up he found the boys' Lego magazines on the floor and settled himself in for some reading time. Haha!

TP Garden

I forgot to mention how I was on my phone all day on the 4th of July getting updates from my family because Jules was in labor! It was pretty exciting. Sadly he took his sweet time and doesn't get to share an Independence Day birthday with Rachel. Dean Edward Garcia was born on July 5th. All 8lbs. 9oz. of him. What a cute little chub! We are so happy to have another sweet baby nephew!
The day after the 4th of July is always rough. We all are tired from staying up too late the night before and we still have to spend all day together. Ian and I decided we'd better take the kids on a little outing or we wouldn't make it to lunch time, so headed over to the Thanksgiving Point Garden to run around and get some energy out. It was pretty much empty and it was a beautiful day!

The kids were super excited to feed the fish, so they brought their quarters and everything, but wouldn't you know it, there was no fish food in the dispensers. Poor kids and poor fish. They swarmed up by the dock when we came anyway because they were hoping for food. It's seriously amazing to me how many fish are in there!
We wandered around to the Secret Garden and played in the fountain. They kids got soaked, but were pretty much dry by the time we left since it was warm and sunny. We went the back way and ended our walk by the waterfall. Weston took this lovely photo of Ian and I in all our sweaty, un-showered glory. Nice.
It was the perfect outing. By the time we got home it was almost lunch time and then everyone napped or had quiet time and by evening we were all feeling better. I love getting to spend all weekend with my family. They are pretty much the best.

Happy 4th of July!

Well I'm way behind in blogging. I had this post all ready to go a couple weeks ago but blogger lost it and it made me so mad that I couldn't bring myself to re-write it until now. That being said I really don't like to get too behind and the month of July was a fun, busy one, so I better get to it!

We had a low key, fun Independence Day. We took a slow morning then headed over to the Alpine splash park. We went last year too. It was a nice, hot morning, but surprisingly the splash pad wasn't very crowded. My kids were the only ones in it at one point! It was a hit. We stayed for a couple of hours, then headed home for lunch and naps. Tal and I painted our nails too.
Once everyone was up from naps we got dinner going. We enjoyed a delicious BBQ. We didn't find any friends to have over for dinner, but it was nice with just us. We had burgers and hot dogs, Cheetos, strawberries, and corn on the cob. Mmm.

After dinner we packed up for the night and drove over to Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point to watch the fireworks show. Right when we walked in we ran into our neighbors, the Havican's, so we set up shop right next to them and played and visited until dark. Luckily Jessica had brought way more fun stuff than I had, so the kids played Cootie and Beckett entertained himself with a beach ball for a good long while. Ian and Weston played some Frisbee before it got too crowded.
Once it got dark we busted out the glow sticks and glow wands I had brought. Ian did sparklers with the kids for a little bit before we were asked to stop by security. Oops. We did them last year and thought they were allowed, but apparently they had already had a couple of burns since it was so crowded. Oh well, at least I got pictures first. :)
Finally it was time for fireworks. Talia still wasn't a fan of the noise. Beckett seemed to like them. He didn't cry at all and kept saying "wow." He fell asleep halfway through the big show though. Talia stayed awake but was pretty exhausted and grouchy by time it was over. We figured out the parking situation finally and were home and kids in bed by 11pm.

It was a successful 4th of July! I'm so thankful to live in this beautiful, free country. I am grateful for all the men and women who sacrificed so much to make and keep us free. Happy Independence Day!

Q-Why aren't there any knock knock jokes about Independence Day?
A-Because freedom rings!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gardening 101

I am still by no means a "gardener." However, I have been really excited to watch the seeds I planted in May sprout and grown into a full blown garden. In fact, I think I over-seeded. My plants are too big for their containers now! I hope their roots are able to still do their job and I get some good fruits. It was the coolest Spring activity to water and keep an eye on the garden. 
Now we are close to harvesting some zucchini! There are a few baby tomatoes on the tomato plant, but they aren't very big yet and are still green. Maybe in a few more weeks?
The same zucchini two weeks later. Almost ready!
As for the spinach, I didn't realize I was supposed to harvest it within 7 days of leaf growth, so I missed out on eating it. Next year for sure. My broccoli plants are growing huge, but there are no flowers or edible broccoli sprouts on it. I know it's more of a cold weather plant so I'm still watering it and hoping it might yield a head or two of broccoli come Fall.
The herbs are beautiful and smell amazing. My cilantro went to seed before I could use it. :( Still learning about when to harvest what. Next year I will have a better idea and I will go with my gut about when I think it's ready. The dill tasted great. The basil smells fantastic and the parsley still looks good. I'm hoping to cut and dry the dill and parsley next week. The red pepper plant is getting bigger and bigger but there are no signs of any peppers. We shall see.
I made tartar sauce with some of the fresh dill. Yum!
There are green onions and regular onions in there with the tomato plant but they are kind of overshadowed and I'm not sure when I should harvest them. Another wait and see?
Overall it has been a super fun experiment and at least I will for sure be getting some yummy grilled zucchini out of it! I think it was the prettiest when it was first sprouted. I will definitely garden again next spring, but I may change up what I grow.